Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson

I find myself asking that question after Gov. Jared Polis issued a mandatory mask mandate for the State of Colorado. While it appears it increased the use of masks in our area, it also appears that it's starting to relax. Walmart issued its own mask mandate and it was big news when that happened, also seems to be relaxing on the standards here locally. Yes, they are handing out masks as you enter, but once inside more people aren't really wearing them.

When all of the area sheriffs issued statements that they would not enforce the mask mandate, it sent a clear signal to everyone — proceed at your own risk. Businesses that aren't going to make masks mandatory have placed signs on their business doors “enter at your own risk” or the like.

Listen, local law enforcement doesn't have time to enforce whether folks are wearing their masks in public. And it's a mixed bag on who is wearing masks or not. I attended two little league games in Grand Junction. More people were without masks than were with masks. I would venture a guess that 90% were not masked. At this point should the governor start his press conferences with "Hello, Wall." That appears to be about all who are paying attention to what he has to say.

It's the American way to decide whether or not one wants to follow government guidelines. And mask wearing is now a matter of political debate.

Let's look at the positives of our new COVID-19 normal. We are discovering that we can be entertained in our backyard. Events like concerts in the park are nice but so is taking a drive to Grand Mesa and listening to your playlists. We've spent more money on our homes this year than in past years possibly because of canceled travel for vacations. Our hardware stores and nurseries are seeing unbelievable revenue. It's good to see for our local economy. Although I enjoy watching pro baseball I have to admit I didn't miss it in the early parts of summer. We've had more family get-togethers. More day trips on the weekends and my container vegetable garden which has repurposed tractor tires has never received such attention.

Maybe our new normal is that we support local business, appreciate what we have to explore in our surrounding area or even slow down enough to share more meals with our family.

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