I have decided to put off re-staining the house and mending some fences to concentrate on acquiring more infrastructure for the family. If things work out, there will soon be a bright shiny new 2 bedroom smart TV equipped motor home sitting in the driveway and the great news, taking my cue from our leaders in Washington...IT’S FULLY PAID FOR, SO IT’S FREE!!

I have it all figured out. Get that pesty credit limit increase for our Mastercard and Visa charge cards, and thanks to anti-age discrimination laws and that Walmart is hiring, the wife can surely land a lucrative position there in the garden shop. She is healthy so she should not have any problem working into her 90’s to celebrate the acquisition of the motor home. (When she’s not working, she can come with.)

If you are going to dream, then dream BIG. The example of my Democrat Senators has caused me to rethink saving, spending and paying off other debts in lieu of “IF YOU WANT IT, JUST GET IT.” Just think of all the time I have wasted over the years balancing our checkbook. I’ve thrown away the register so what could possibly go wrong? Pure freedom!

The day before yesterday, I was concerned about our National Debt and federal spending and communicated with “my” Senators, or should I say I most likely communicated with a lowly staffer in the Senators’ office. He or she then had to decide what form letter or email to send back to make it appear that the Senator had read my communication and cared. (Having received the same letter more than once…yep, they’re form letters.) My conclusion, our Senators only care about appeasing their party’s leadership. That’s who they are actually working for.

Leonard Maki


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