The state seems to think that local school districts need a bribe to “update” sex education. Poor performance in other subjects doesn't bother them. Most of the several options available follow the agenda of the “Democratic Socialists for America” in seeking to remove all religious thought from both education and government.

Christians contend that God gives the spirit, and that humans make the body. Humans are not perfect, so there are medical peculiarities that doctors handle at birth according to their own judgment.

Children are a work in progress, and there are cultural forces seeking to capture their minds. Parents have a hard enough time with kids whose bodies are changing, without lockdown and social isolation. When supposedly popular magazines like Teen Vogue do photo essays on promiscuous or trans adolescents, as if to say “these kids are special, wouldn't you like to be special too,” this is an effort to recruit those who are confused and seeking affirmation.

School curricula should not be following the media trends. To live is to change, and to learn. Teen years are not the time to make irrevocable decisions, or to choose life paths that tend toward suicide or violent death. Statistics do mean something. The work in progress should not be cut short by poorly informed decisions.

William Coates


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