Regarding Proposition 115 and Mr. Kropp’s question “Really Colorado?” There is a very simple answer — Yes….really.

Yes…really. The majority of Colorado voters don’t appreciate the entire issue of abortion being used as a political football. Yes…really. The majority of voters in Colorado believe there is a good reason for the separation between church and state that our democracy depends on. Yes…really. The majority of voters in Colorado wish to see abortion remain in the private and deeply personal realm it actually takes place in.

For those who think it’s a good idea to run around with laptops showing graphic pictures of late term abortions, do you also go around showing pictures of people shot to smithereens by automatic weapons or civilians mowed down by unjust wars? Because if you aren’t willing to include those photos in your slideshow, you really have no credibility to call yourself pro-life.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1.3% of abortions were performed at or greater than 21 weeks of gestation in 2015. In contrast, 91.1% were performed at or before 13 weeks and 7.6% at 14 to 20 weeks. Consider that when faced with being manipulated by words like slaughter and likening this to a holocaust.

Against abortion? I totally understand that. Don’t have one. Oh yeah…I forgot. Mr. Kropp will never be faced with that heart wrenching decision….he’ll never be pregnant. Since Colorado voters have disappointed so severely, perhaps there is a polygamist cult or caliphate somewhere that would gladly welcome newcomers to their “righteous“ community of “true “ believers.

Sally Kane


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