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School board must stand up to transgender directive

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Dear Editor:

I'm submitting this so the community is aware of what I told the Delta County School Board at its last meeting, July 21, in reference to the Department of Education directive for Safe & Healthy Students concerning so-called transgendered persons using restrooms and locker rooms of their opposite anatomical sex.

You scoff at the ridiculous story of the emperor who was duped into wearing no clothes, and whose trusted ministers followed along, but look at what's happening before your very eyes today! The "emperor" (Obama) has issued a directive (that is not lawful) and his "trusted ministers" -- the school boards -- are following along on that ridiculous directive! Why were restrooms separated in the first place? Because private parts are restricted from view except between married people ... or the same anatomical sex.

Let's define some words: Anatomical sex is the physical structure of one's reproductive organs -- male/female, while gender refers to the socially constructed expectations that any culture associates with male/female -- a person's behavior, his attitudes, mannerisms, activities, his appearance, clothing, haircut, voice. This is what makes up a person's gender identity.

But note, these are all outward expressions that have no bearing on a person's anatomical sex. Now, 97 to 99 percent of us have a gender identity that corresponds to our anatomical sex. But 1 to 3 percent of persons have decided to change their social characteristics to conform to the opposite sex; these are being called transgendered. Note: the functioning of their reproductive organs has not changed. IF a person has actually had the surgery for a sex change they are termed transsexual. At present there is approximately three-tenths of 1 percent who are transsexuals, and they have to take hormone treatments for the rest of their lives or their body tries to revert to their birth sex.

A transgendered person's anatomical sex does not change when they change their gender identity. Therefore, male persons should continue to use restrooms and locker rooms coinciding with their anatomical sex. OR, do we prefer to tell the 97 percent (especially our young teen girls). "You'll get used to seeing boys in the girls restrooms and locker rooms." I suggest we tell the transgendered males, "You'll get used to using the restrooms and locker rooms that you've always used."

Are YOU going to say, "This procession must go on" like the trusted ministers did in "The Emperor Who Had No Clothes?" Or, are you going to take a stand against this absurdity, admit you are being duped by your government, and join the 11 states that are saying, "No" to this ridiculous duping? States which are suing the feds over the transgender directive: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Maine, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Kathy Svenson

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