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Sheriff is obligated to protect our rights

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Dear Editor:

I want to start by saying I have no personal animosity towards Sheriff McKee or the Delta County Sheriff's Office. This letter could be addressed to any sheriff in the U.S. Sheriff McKee just happens to be the sheriff in the state and county where I live. My wife and I just went through the hideous, humiliating experience of obtaining our CCW permits. Much of the process left us feeling more like a criminal than a citizen attempting to comply with the law. First was the completely worthless mandatory safety class, then came filling out of forms, paying out of more money and of course fingerprinting, which is done in the jailhouse -- yes, you literally are buzzed in through locked steel doors, instructed into a jail waiting room, after which you are escorted to a fingerprinting and photo room, just as if you were being booked into jail. After a long wait you are contacted for an appointment at which you pay more money, are photographed as a mugshot photo again in jail and finally given a permit. What an intrusive, unconstitutional violation of personal rights. Difficult to even quantify the usurpation of God-given rights, protected by the Constitution.

I am sure upon election by the people the sheriff swore to an oath of office, the first sentence of which contained something similar to protecting or defending the Constitution of the U.S. which brings me to my question. How can the sheriff square his oath to the Constitution with the process described in the previous paragraph? I can see no earthly way that the fiasco described above can be congruent with the last four words of the Second Amendment. "shall not be infringed" not to mention the IV and V amendments.

The county sheriff is the only peace officer elected by the people and charged with protecting their liberty. He is not, like all other law enforcement officers, an employee of a government bureaucracy. He should intercede between usurpers of people's rights and the people, even when the usurper is our own government. He might say, but Ken, I took an oath and am bound to uphold all laws. To which I say, no, not when that law violates his oath to the Constitution and seeks to deprive the citizens liberty. The sheriff is the local protector of the people's rights and in his county are superior to all persons acting contrary to the rights of the people, including the government itself. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and it recognizes that men are endowed with unalienable rights. I ask Sheriff McKee to reconsider his position, join a growing number of constitutional sheriffs around the country and place himself between the rights of the people and the out-of-control, illegal, unconstitutional, forever-growing federal government that threatens to make slaves of us all.

Ken Sharpe

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