Barracudas end regular year

Photo by Kaylee Dunham It was a close race for swimmers Roxie Uhrig, Gunnison (bottom), and Grady Hellman, Delta. Reaching for the wall, Uhrig won first place in the 50-yard breaststroke with a time of 44.33 seconds as Hellman came in second with a time o

Delta's Barracuda swim team has been busy making waves in three meets in recent weeks. On July 20 the Barracudas hosted the Last Chance Meet at Bill Heddles Recreation Center. Prior to that the 8 and under WSL Championships and the CO WSL Championships were held at El Pomar Natatorium on July 12 through July 14.

Barracudas' representative Courtney Hellman was pleased with the team's recent success. "We had a great meet (Last Chance)."

Grady Hellman was the 10 and under high point winner at the Western Slope League Championships last weekend. The Barracudas were eighth at that meet, noted Hellman.

Delta is taking 27 swimmers to the seasonal state meet, which is being held in Ouray the first weekend in August.

Grady and Charlie Hellman, as well as Walden Lagille-Hoppe have made 2019 JO Long Course State cuts and will be swimming this coming weekend at CMU, which is a big accomplishment noted Hellman. "The time qualifications for this meet are based on year-round times. Our team is a seasonal team so the time qualifications are significantly faster than seasonal state times," noted Hellman.

Grady Hellman qualified in six events for 11-12 year olds; 400-yard freestyle, 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 200 intermediate, and 100 butterfly. Charlie Hellman qualified for the 10 and under 100 breaststroke and Lagille-Hoppe qualified for the 10 and under 50 fly and 50 and 100 backstroke.

8 and Under

Due to the large number of swimmers in many events, only the top 10 places will be mentioned with places and times.

Charlie Hellman was Delta's lone top-10 placer in the 100-freestyle race with his 1:26.20 and third place.

Haddie Hellman was sixth in 25 backstroke (28.16) and Sloan Queen finished eighth (29.20).

Nathaniel Quammen finished third in 25 backstroke (23.99); Sloan Queen finished 10th in the 50 freestyle (1:03.58); Charlie Hellman was fourth in 50 freestyle (40.70), Quammen sixth (45.39), Langille-Hoppe eighth (46.74); and Charlie Hellman fifth 100 intermediate (1:44.38), and Quammen seventh (1:53.15).



Competition in the CO WSL Championships included swimmers from more than 10 teams with an excess of 20 or more places given in some events. Barracuda swimmers with top-10 finishes will be included in this summary.

Doyle Young placed fifth in boys 15 and over 400-meter intermediate competition with a time of 6:50.31.

Delta's Grady Hellman won the 10 and under 400 freestyle in 5:43.32; Zeke Waxler was 10th in 13-14 100 breaststroke (1:49.53); Grady Hellman was first in 200 intermediate (3:06.20); Lella Young was fifth in girls 200 backstroke (3:22.35); Delta's boys 10 and under 200-freestyle relay was second (2:50.85, Grady Hellman, Quammen, Charlie Hellman and Lagille-Hoppe); girls 12 and under 200-freestyle relay was seventh (2:50.29), Young, Joella Payne, Gwyneth Hasto and Peyton Huntley); Hasto was eighth in girls 10 and under 100 freestyle (1:39.03); Grady Hellman first in 100 freestyle (1:13.84), Lagille-Hoppe 10th (1:29.97); Grady Hellman first 100 backstroke (1:29.26), Lagille-Hoppe third (1:36.74), Charlie Hellman sixth (1:45.46); Young seventh in 100 backstroke (1:32.69); Huntley seventh in 50 butterfly (1:08.95); Grady Hellman first 50 butterfly (39.38).


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