The summer swim season is well underway for Delta County's Barracuda Swim Team. Three bigger swim meets were on this year's schedule, with one having been already completed. A mini-meet, Evening Splash, took place June 11 and the Grand Junction Invitational Meet was held June 24. According to Barracuda representative Courtney Hellman, "The Grand Junction Invitational is one of our biggest meets of the season. Year-round swim teams come from the Denver area so there is definitely a higher level of competition at that meet."

Delta's swimmers attending the Grand Junction meet included Jacob Merriman (15 and over), Grady and Charlie Hellman (10 and under), Lella Young (11-12), Joella Payne (10 and under), Hadassah Payne (13-14 and Jaylena Gibson (13-14).

Evening Splash Results

Delta had three top-15 swimmers in the Mixed 10 and under division for the 25 yard backstroke. Adalynn Hannagrefs (age 8) placed fourth (22.73), Owen Clay (age 10) finished eighth (25.67) and Haddie Hellman (age 5) placed 13th (30.18).

Gwyneth Hasto (age 11) finished 11th in the Mixed 12 and under 50 yard backstroke with a time of 52.47.

Lella Young (age 11) was Delta's top placer in the mixed 100 yard backstroke with a fourth-place finish in 1:25.47. The next three finishes were also Barracuda swimmers, including Madyson Hannagrefs (age 14) in 1:25.73 and Ashleigh Richards (age 14) in 1:28.28. Isabella Beilfuss (age 13) was eighth (1:29.37), Brooklynn Mininger (age 14) placed eleventh in 1:35.51 and Josh Quammen (age 14) finished thirteenth with his 1:38.65. Joella Payne (age 10) was fifteenth with a time of 1:45.08.

Delta swimmers swept the mixed 13 and over 200 yard backstroke event. First place went to Megan Waxler (age 15) with a 2:43.01, Jaylena Gibson was second (age 13) in 3:09.06 with Hadassah Payne (age 13) placing third with her 3:12.84 time.

There were four swimmers with times in the mixed 10 and under 25 yard freestyle. Delta's top time came from third-place Josh Quammen (age 8) with a 19.91, Adalynn Hannegrefs (age 8) was seventh at 23.14, Owen 12th with a 29.07 and Haddie Hellman 16th with a time of 32.86.

Delta's Doyle Young finished first in the mixed 100 yard freestyle with his time of 1:01.61. Other Barracuda swimmers in the event included eighth-place Zeke Waxler (age 13), 1:16.40; ninth-place Josh Quammen, 1:17.79; tenth-place Ashleigh Richards (age 14), 1:20.46; twelfth-place Nathaniel Waxler (age 10), 1:21.03; thirteenth-place Beilfuss, 1:21.95; ninteenth-place Joella Payne (age 10), 1:30.97 and Kalli Carmichael finished 22nd in 1:48.11.

Barracuda swimmers claimed four of the five places awarded in the mixed 13 and over 200 yard freestyle. Second through fifth places went to Hannegrefs (2:49.72), Gibson (2:51.62), Payne (3:04.33) and Mininger (3:10.67).

Charlie Hellman won the mixed 10 and under 25 yard breaststroke with his 24.35.

Delta's Payne was ninth in the 12 and under 50 yard breaststroke (57.18).

Doyle led more than a handful of Barracudas to earn times in the mixed 100 yard breaststroke. Doyle was second in the race (1:24.27), Merriman third (1:24.47), Megan Waxler fourth (1:24.95), Zeke Waxler ninth (1:37.14), Mininger tenth (1:42.72), Lella Young 13th (1:50.88) and Josh Quammen 15th (1:56.24).

Madysen Hannegrefs (3:26.91) and Gibson (3:27.50) placed third and fourth in the mixed 13 and over 200 yard breaststroke.

The winning swimmer in the mixed 10 and under 25 yard butterfly was Delta's Nathaniel Quammen who finished the race in 26.22.

Doyle Young won his second of three races with a 1:13.54 finish in the mixed 100 yard butterfly. Leila Young was third in the race with her time of 1:41.21.

The third win for Doyle came in the day's final event, the mixed 50 yard freestyle, with a time of 26.58. Other top 15 times for the Barracudas included Jacob Merriman (second-28.23), Alex Waxler (age 16, third-30.91), Megan Waxler (fourth-31.03), Madyson Hannegrefs (seventh-33.12), Zeke Waxler (eighth-33.28), Josh Quammen (10th-33.87), Ashleigh Richards (11th-34.76) and Hadassah Payne (14th-35.75).

Merriman (2:32.67) and Megan Waxler (2:47.12) finished one-two, respectively, in the mixed 13 and over 200 yard intermediate race.

Grand Junction Meet

This meet was held in Grand Junction at the El Pomar Natatorium. As advertised, the meet was big and more competitive than most regular-season competitions for the Barracudas.

In the girls 11-12 50 meter breaststroke, Delta's Lella Young placed 13th in the B-Finals at 52.25 after qualifying 16th in preliminary competition. Joella Payne was 16th in the 10 and under 50m breaststroke with a time of 1:01.52.

Grady Hellman finished fourth in the boys 10 and under 50m breaststroke (49.48) and Charlie Hellman was 19th (1:01.18).

Young turned in a 1:31.96 to finish 14th in the girls 11-12 100m backstroke and Payne was 17th in the 10 and under division (2:00.40).

The Hellman boys, Grady (1:29.47) and Charlie (1:53.78) placed fourth and 15th, respectively, in the 10 and under 100m backstroke.

In freestyle competition, the Hellman brothers were busy swimming a few laps. Grady won the 10 and under 400m freestyle in 5:57.58 and placed third in the 50m freestyle (34.32) with Charlie placing 24th in the event with a 47.67.Grady picked up a second place in the 200m freestyle (2:46.56) and placed fifth in the tough 100m butterfly (1:39.92).

Payne finished 17th in the 10 and under 100m freestyle with a 1:45.55.

In the 10 and under 50m backstroke, Grady Hellman was fourth (42.08) and Charlie was 18th (52.0).

Grady Hellman finished sixth in the 10 and under 100m breaststroke (1:49.11) and Charlie was 18th (2:11.86). Grady's 1:18.18 in the 100m freestyle was good for sixth place while Charlie finished 21st (1:44.29).

Grady Hellman finished fifth in the 50m freestyle and was fourth in the 200m intermediate race.


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