BHRC hosts annual Rockies Skills Challenge

Photo courtesy Tyler Schumacher From left to right, Abby Mack (6/7 girls), Adriana Kennell (8/9 girls), Kiptin Anderson (8/9 boys), Jazlyn Naranjo (10/11 girls), Jhett Ryan (10/11 boys), Ty Reed (12/13 boys), and Anabelle Kraai (12/13 girls), represent t

Tyler Schumacher, the Assistant Sports Coordinator at Bill Heddles Recreation Center, shared the list of winners from the recently completed annual Rockies Skills Challenge on June 5 at Confluence Community Fields.

With a sunny sky and mild temperatures, there were 55 participants in this year's run, throw and hit competitions with both boys and girls competing in four separate age divisions, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11 and 12/13.

Winners in each division included Eric Weaver, 6/7 boys and Abby Mack, 6/7 girls; Kiptin Anderson, 8/9 boys and Adriana Kennel, 8/9 girls; Jhett Ryan, 10/11 boys and Jazlyn Naranjo, 10/11 girls; and Ty Reed, 12/13 boys and Annabelle Kraai, 12/13 girls.

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