DFB 7 del fullback finds room

Delta fullback Colton Johnson found lots of room to run after scooting past the line of scrimmage in last week's controlled scrimmage against Hotchkiss High School.

By Wayne Crick

Sports editor

This abbreviated article is originally from July 22 and is available online in its entirety.

With COVID-19 keeping the world subdued to a degree, Delta and Hotchkiss High Schools treated their fans to some Saturday Night Lights football at Delta Panther Stadium.

The two teams were excited to be on the field to play against an opponent who wasn’t wearing the same color jersey as they were wearing. The controlled scrimmage and practice session began the evening with teams warming up, sometimes with the other team, and themselves to prepare for the live contact to come.

Different parts of the field were used for warm up drills with linemen in one spot while backs, receivers and other specialty teams used various different places on the field for their warm up procedures …

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