Moffat County showed up with nine players to face the Delta High School boys soccer team last Saturday, so the Panthers played with nine players on the field, too.

“What’s funny about that, when there’s nine players, you see a lot of things,” Panthers coach Elaine Wood said. “Nobody can hide on the field. A lot is expected from everyone.”

It turned out to be just what Delta needed and they walked away with their first win of the season during the final match, topping Moffat County 7-2.

The victory saw the four players honored on senior day — two seniors and two foreign exchange students — all score goals.

Senior Kyler Parker, who spent the first half at goalkeeper, scored twice in the second half after he was moved into the field. Fellow senior Ku Moo scored his second goal of the season, while Lorenzo Checchi and Ignacio Gomez also found the net.

Wood said it was a perfect way to honor all four players and also credited freshman Cha Pla for volunteering to play goalkeeper when Parker moved into the offense.

“We’re looking for somebody to play goal and little Cha Pla — he’s not a tall guy — but stepped up and said ‘I’ll do it,’” Wood said. “That was awesome and he played great.”

The Panthers’ leading scorer, sophomore James LaBounty, netted his fourth goal of the season. Sophomore Corbin Loucks added his first goal this year while junior Nathan Black assisted on four of the goals.

Wood said she hopes the win keeps her players interested and motivated to return for next season and that the team plays to compete and improve during the summer.

“It really was the perfect ending to a tough season,” Wood said. “All the hard work from day one up until the final game paid off. It really did.”

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