North Fork High School volleyball team came out to play Friday night, coach Ce’rra Westerman said. The team knew what it needed to focus on, did a great job on serve receive and finishing offensively.

The Miners took on Gunnison Cowboys Aug. 20 at home. The final score was 3-0 with the Miners taking the win. The match scores were 25-13, 25-23, 25-16.

As a group the Miners averaged 13 kills a game. Almost half of their points were earned points which is a big focus for the girls this year, the coach said. Delilah Vasquez led the team with 10 kills and really dominated throughout the game, she added. Payton Fister did her job in the back row and had 20 receptions on serve receive, she passed incredibly well which in result gave the team an opportunity to run a tough offense. Indigo Miller-Barnes played the net well and led the team in blocks, she was super aggressive on the net and definitely had a big presence up front, Westerman concluded.

This being the first game for the North Fork High School Miners, there was some pressure. The coach said she was worried about the girls’ nerves going into the game, but watching them, you could not tell it was their first game together as they played incredibly well for a first game. Westerman pointed out that the group has a lot of chemistry and has bought into the culture.

“After seeing them play together in an actual game it definitely has made me realize what they are capable of. I think they are realizing that as well,” Westerman said. “They had high energy throughout the match and really came to play. ...They will have a lot of fun if they continue to stick together and support each other.”

As far as improvements, Westerman said serve receive can always improve. That is a big part of the game that needs to be taken care of so the team can run an efficient offense. Also serving tough is an important part of the game, putting teams out of system is the goal with the serve and the team needs to do a better job at this, she added. But overall they played well for the first game and the coach is excited to see what this group is capable of.

Coming up, North Fork takes part in a tournament Saturday, Aug. 28.

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