The 3rd annual Cherry Days 5k Run/Walk attracted competitors of all ages ranging from 6 to 70 years old. In all, 61 runners took to the trails for this year's event.

The largest division of runners was the women, who boasted a total of 40 competitors between the ages 6-67. On the men's side, 21 harriers, 7-70, took part in the race.

This year's overall winner was former Paonia High School track and cross country runner Caden Meilner who crossed the finish line in 19:37.56. The top women's runner, also a Paonia High School track and cross country athlete, Katya Schwieterman won the women's division in 22:31.20. Of note in this year's race, Brooke Harding (age 12) finished second in the women's race with a time of 23:32.77.

Karen Helleckson topped the field in women's Masters competition with a 24:48.52 and Mark Vaniman won the men's Masters division in 25:30.12.

Younger adults were divided into two divisions, Adult 1 and Adult 2. Adult 1 covered competitors 20-29 and Adult 2 runners 30-49. Shauna Meilner won the women's Adult 2 division in 25:44.87 and Chris Caskey won the men's race with a 26:28.21. Adult 1 winners were Nicole Hanson (23:40.97) and Caden Meilner in the women's and men's divisions, respectively.

The under 18 division belonged to Schwieterman in the women's division and Birk Alyster (age 15) won the men's division.

For all the times and places that have not been mentioned, please visit to acquire all times and final places.

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