Two cents worth on spring sports cancellation in a Waynestorm

Wayne Crick for Two cents worth column

By Wayne Crick

Now that news is out there will be no spring sports, the focus for athletes is to cope with the lost experiences anticipated in competition and begin construction for a new pathway to the next challenge life has to offer.

In an unpopular, but vitally necessary decision, the Colorado High School Activities Association Commissioner, Rhonda-Blanford Green, released a statement on April 21 that the remaining 2020 spring sports season had been cancelled for the remainder of the season ending June 1. That mandate included all high school performances, festivals, competitions, regular season and culminating CHSAA-sanctioned spring activities and athletics.

For the most part, coaches are deeply saddened by the decision but fully understand the importance of protecting such a valuable asset as the young people who participate in high school athletics.

At the time of Commissioner Green’s announcement over 30 other state associations had made the same decision as Colorado.

With CHSAA’s mandate ending on June 1, the torch will be passed on to local administrations to oversee the contact between athletes and coaches. And, with talk of curtailed summer athletic participation leading many conversations, the usual sports camps and various leagues (including youth organizations) may be cancelled as well. In simple terms, don’t expect there being the usual day-to-day agenda of sporting events to choose from for your viewing pleasure.

Not knowing the true extent of just how the current pandemic will flatten out the next concern for athletes, and schools, will be whether or not there will even be a fall sports season. The next roster of senior student-athletes would be in the same predicament as this year’s seniors find themselves. It goes to reason that if students aren’t in the classroom, athletes won’t be on athletic stages.

If all guidelines for controlling COVID-19 are followed (by enough people) there might be a chance schools could be in session and athletic teams would be performing on game days with the stands full of parents, relatives, teachers and avid sports fans to cheer for their teams.

In the weeks to come the coaches of spring sports in Delta County will share their thoughts on seniors who missed an opportunity to compete for their schools one last time.

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