Start planning your parade entries

By Press Release

According to Surface Creek Valley Lions Club member Bill Miller, a patriotic parade is being planned for July 2 in Cedaredge and participants are being asked to sign up for the event.

"Several organizations in the Cedaredge area have started planning for a parade to honor our veterans, active military, law enforcement and other first responders on July 2. This parade will be complemented by the annual barbecue sponsored by the Surface Creek Valley Lions Club in Cedaredge Town Park. The planners are seeking organizations or individuals to participate in the parade," Miller stated.

"Planning organizations presently include American Legion Post 104, Cedaredge and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the project is supported by the Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce and the Surface Creek Valley Lions Club."

He said this parade will take the place of the Little Britches annual parade. Little Britches Rodeo is being held in May this year.

Any organization or individual interested in becoming a sponsor, able to support, and/or participate in the parade is asked to contact the Cedaredge Area Chamber of Commerce at 856-6961, or Bill Miller, commander, American Legion Post 104, at 856-6153 and register their offer of participation.