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Taking the women's marchers to task

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Dear Editor:

Reading the Feb. 15 opinion letters blasting President Trump, I feel four letters from Cedaredge is not coincidental. Was it the result of some Democrat coffee clutch where liberal Kool-Aid was served instead of coffee? All four letters, and the sole Delta letter, contained bovine excrement. Sue Beachman's letter is the easiest to point out this doo-doo point by point. She wrote:

1) "93 daily deaths from guns." True albeit high but she failed to mention that over 60 percent were the result of suicide and most homicide deaths have a very close relationship to inner city black and Hispanic gangs involved in crime and drugs. This occurs in cities with very strict gun laws so what is common sense gun laws?

2) "...for free and affordable birth control." When was birth control expensive and why should I pay for others' recreational sex? Did she forget that Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist woman who targeted black babies?

3) "...why does this president constantly defend Russia?" Show me the evidence. Wasn't it Obama who promised better relationships after his re-election (off mike) and Hillary had a reset button?

4) "Abolishing the EPA results in Flint, Mich." Ha ha. That was the result of Democratic controlled city government which looked for cutting water sanitation budgets. The EPA is out of control. I know this personally.

5) "I march for our national parks." So would I.

6) "I march for immigrants who seek help..." That should apply to legal immigrants who embrace our Western culture not illegal immigrants and immigrants who want to impose cultures that clash with our culture. There is plenty of evidence that defines "clash."

7) "for the dignity of women..." Most of this point was taken out of context and for every example of indignity of women committed by Trump or other men I bet I can find examples of women bashing or sexually targeting men. I worked as a nurse and a female nurse would make a sailor blush.

8) "...march for free press." There is plenty of evidence that the main stream media is left leaning and tilts the truth.

9) "The very rich do not pay their share." What is fair? Total confiscation? The 1 percent who represent the highest income earners pay 38 percent of all federal income.

10) "...protest for the hateful speech and actions ... because of this president." Does she march for the hateful speech or against it? The ones committing most of the hateful speech are violent activists or far left individuals who are protesting Trump because he is not Clinton.

Rick Spalenka

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