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The climate changes on a regular basis

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Dear Editor:

The "Chicken Little" letters to your publication that the sky is falling or the climate is changing seem to arrive on a more or less regular basis, so perhaps a response is appropriate.

Of course, the climate is changing. It changes on a regular basis. However, it's a giant leap from that to the assertion that man caused it and man can do something about it. This is the height of arrogance. When the climatologists can accurately predict the weather a few days in advance, then perhaps they have earned the right to be heard regarding predictions decades in the future.

One of their assertions is that carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) is a pollutant and that the levels are too high. Actually, the levels are quite low, historically speaking. The higher they are the more that plant life flourishes. If the levels drop too low, all plant life dies. So, to dwell on the obvious, would all animal life.

Another assertion is that global warming is bad. Moving from the tropics to the arctic, plant life diminishes. A warmer planet would mean more food production, not less.

A third lie is that the human population is not "sustainable" due to the limited resources of the earth and it needs to be reduced to about 500 million or fewer. (The globalists have not advertised how they propose to reduce the population -- perhaps mandatory sterilization and abortion or war and plague.) It is estimated that the earth could support a population of about 25 billion. Many countries are not producing enough children to maintain their present population, so the population of the earth is likely to shrink.

International communism is behind the environmental movement. They remind their followers that "the issue is never the issue; the revolution is the issue." So a crisis is created. Of course, they have the "solution." Simply give up some of your rights and usually some of your money and the problem will be solved. Then a new crisis is created which means handing over more rights.

When the USA supposedly defeated Soviet communism under President Reagan, the Russian leader, Gorbachev, moved to San Francisco and started an environmental group. Perhaps he also spawned a religious group. His Earth Charter is housed in a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. People actually pray to it -- a classic example of worshiping the creation rather than the Creator. Stalin was right on which he described such people as "useful idiots."

So, I would urge President Trump (who is obviously on the right track as evidenced by the one-world government groups who are vehemently opposing him -- RINOS, Democrats, liberals, progressives, mainstream media, communists, George Soros, etc.) to initiate sound climate policy by abolishing the EPA and getting us out of the cesspool called the United Nations. By the way, its charter was written by the Soviet spy in FDR's administrator, Alger Hiss.

Last, I would urge that prayer be initiated on a daily basis for our country, our president and others in authority. And get involved. All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Many do not realize how close we were to losing our God-given freedoms. I firmly believe that God intervened in our last election to prevent that.

Russell Schlappe

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