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There's little difference between alcohol, marijuana

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Dear Editor:

Getting too emotional about any issue will always result in exaggeration and distortion, and the failure to place things in any type of a proper perspective. We even lose track of reality. There is also the consequence of hearing only what we want to hear, but (as I was recently reminded) smelling what we want to smell. Yours truly was recently reminded of that during a conversation with an individual who has been involved in an anti-marijuana program, and undoubtedly takes pride in it.

My personal view on marijuana is that if an individual want to use it, that is his business and that was made clear to that individual. His reply was quite interesting: "I can smell the marijuana from here." There was only one problem. I do not use marijuana in any form, nor do I allow those around me to use it, in my house or my truck, nor do I frequent places where it is used. So, the question then becomes the following. Was the "smell" actually there, or was he only "imagining" it? The answer is quite simple. It was all in his imagination. He "smelled" it only because he wanted to "smell" it.

One of the most interesting things is that I know many who "rant and preach" against marijuana use yet, and on a daily basis, have to drink a "cocktail" (or more than one) at the end of each and every day, even get "plastered" while discussing the "evils" of marijuana. Such individuals, I would submit to the reader, are nothing if not hypocritical, as alcohol is also a "mood altering drug," the only difference being that one "drug" is legal (alcohol) while the other (marijuana) is illegal. The question then is not one of what substance one uses to escape, but why do people feel the need to do so? Is "life" that difficult that one needs to escape? If some feel that it is, then perhaps the problem is not the substance itself but rather that they have not the courage to actually live the life they have. That, as far as this individual is concerned, is a personal failure on their part and, instead of facing and admitting to it, engage in "escapism."

Interestingly enough, that does not keep them from condemning others and the substance(s) they use, but will never condemn themselves or the substance they use. Such people should really start by looking at themselves (if they dare).

Robert I. Laitres

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