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Trust me, it's not a money train

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Dear Editor:

The City of Delta has now legalized medical marijuana with the assumption that it's safe because it's not recreational marijuana; however, Mayor Austin found a loophole in the medical marijuana law making it easy for our children to acquire THC infused candy called gummies, same as recreational marijuana sells. Four council members seemed to have disregarded it and voted yes to proceed; Mayor Austin voted no.

What parents need to know is what THC is doing to our children and how it's being ignored by officials because they think there is big money in it. The U.S. Attorney General for the district of Colorado, Bob Troyer, states that there has been no net gain to the state's coffers. (See op-ed Denver Post 9/28/18).

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects. What the mental health surveys and studies are saying is that the THC levels are dangerously high in pot. THC infused edibles that are being sold are so high many emergency rooms are seeing increased symptoms of THC overdose in children.

Since Prop. 64 passed in 2012 many have argued their opinions about marijuana good or bad. Here is what I found in regards to opinions. Opinions that are backed up with facts are more valuable than those that do not. Here are some of the facts that have been presented to our community and city council by myself and others, just to clarify mental health and addiction. Clinicians see the effects of THC every day; none of this is new to the clinical community. Fact is they've been saying it for 40 years. I can verify much of this info through my personal experience as an mental health and addiction clinician 1995-2007. The media would have you believe that this info just appeared overnight or since pot was legalized in 2012.

The effects of THC in children are psychosis, schizophrenia and violence (go to https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/marijuana-mental-ill

ness-violence/) and read about what you need to tell your children by Alex Berenson. The Colorado School Safety Resource Counsel says that 1:6 to 1:4 WILL become addicted at an early age. THC exacerbates existing mental health conditions that can lead to suicide. (Colorado.gov/cssrc). Click on Marijuana What Parents Need To Know. In the 2017 Delta County School District ("Healthy Kids Colorado Survey") under the section called "Marijuana Use" here is what 408 out of 1002 say pot is easy to get if they wanted it. If you would like to acquire information about this survey drop me an email at the address below.

In a 12/20/18 DCI article titled, "Final student meeting brings drug issues to light," a Grand Mesa Choice Academy student said this about drugs and their friends: "They are making it their life." Emergency rooms are reporting a rise in THC poisoning and in some cases death, you can email me for this info.

Legalizing marijuana backfired. The profits growing marijuana legally are far less than illegally causing an increase in crime and the cartels are taking full advantage of this windfall. I refer you to Humboldt County, Calif., Netflix docuseries called "Murder Mountain" (google it) famous for providing 60 percent of marijuana in the U.S. Can't afford to grow legally so they continue to grow illegally and it has complicated the sheriff's department efforts to prosecute. Currently, there are three cartels in Delta County. Our county sheriff has spoken out about the serious increase in criminal activity either directly or indirectly related to marijuana since pro 64 was passed in 2012. One police department on the Western Slope reported that marijuana is almost always present when they are called to a suicide.

If you would like to have a voice against THC or pot or just need info email me at stoppot@outlook.com. Don't feel helpless to stop this.

Scott Schaible

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