Trustees discuss speed signs, contract changes

By Emy Lynn Roque Cisneros

The agenda was short for the Cedaredge board of trustees at the Feb. 14 work session. First, it listened to Drew Abbott from Western Gravel Constructors about the contract change request from last month.

"We had a lot of unknowns," he said referring to the initial project bid. Due to many overruns, they requested a change to the contract. He reviewed the areas of overrun the trustees discussed last month.

The town agreed last month to fulfill 55 percent of its initial requested amount at about $66,000. Abbott requested an additional $20,000, bringing it to about 70.5 percent of their initial request.

Mayor Gene Welch brought up how WGC failed to come to the town when traffic control, the largest cost overrun, initially became an issue. He said the trustees would need to discuss the matter further.

Next, drinking water violations were addressed. Public Works Co-Director Jerry Youg spoke about a sanitary survey recently completed that flagged the town with three violations. He clarified that it didn't have to do with health but with minor logging/paperwork issues.

"After we were made aware of the issues we resolved them within two weeks," he said. "We're no longer in violation."

Town administrator Greg Brinck updated trustees that they did receive one proposal for the contract planning request to overview subdivision matters outside of the town staff scope. After he finishes the preliminary screenings trustees will overview the proposal.

CDOT recently reviewed the town's speed limits. During a review, CDOT evaluates if the speed posted is "unrealistic" with the area's engineering. The signs transitioning from 45 to 55 near 9th Street and Jay Avenue were adjusted accordingly.

In a pamphlet reviewed by the trustees, CDOT claimed, "An appropriate 'just right' speed limit will result in the maximum number of vehicles travelling at or about the same speed, thus reducing conflicts caused by speed differentials."

Several citizens contacted the town about the move of the speed signs, which is what they should do if they see a road segment where the speed limit seems to be too high or too low. Mayor Gene Welch expressed concern that in general the speeds through town are inconsistent and too dangerous at specific intersections that are high traffic for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Brinck offered to see if CDOT could come and do another survey and monitor speeds to see if some changes can be made. However, there is a cost involved. He'll develop some preliminary ideas on what the next steps should be.

To conclude the meeting, they continued the discussion on WGC. Timing, lack of management, oversight neglect were all highlighted as troubling. However, they agreed the project was done to their satisfaction and they have a good working relationship with them.

Brinck clarified that the additional $20,000 request will essentially make WGC break even on the project. No decisions can be made at work sessions so this discussion will continue next week.

On Feb. 21 the trustees will meet for a regular meeting. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting is at 5 p.m. at the Cedaredge Civic Center, Grand Mesa Room, 140 NW 2nd Street, Cedaredge.