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ascension seeker commented on I Can't Breathe.

I went to Walmart today, I saw more people Not wearing masks than wearing them.

It really doesnt matter what you want or believe, people have choices and those may not align with yours.

I hope you can accept that fact.

I accept the fact that you choose to wear a mask and…

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Delta county is in serious need of a larger jail.

The amount of crime being committed is astonishing.

The amount of visible addicts is mind boggling.

There are places were you will see addicts and hookers openly throughout the country.

There are areas and other tow…

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ascension seeker commented on Applefest canceled

Completely destroying an already pathetic economy must be the goal of Delta county officials.

This event occurs in October but they are already canceling it without any idea what October may look like.

Poor leadership at best!

if people are afraid or at risk, stay home.<…

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If we are outside and social distancing giving people a choice to wear a mask or not would be beneficial to those who cant wear masks or choose not to for whatever reason.

People with asthma cant wear masks

People with low oxygen/breathing problems cant wear masks.


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People are being encouraged to "protest" a man of colors death.

They didnt dream of protesting their jobs being taken from them indefinitely.

Now towns want to cancel every summer event Except Protests?

People in charge are showing how they lack simple logic.

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Way to Create a bustling Economy Paonia.

Its not governments job to protect its citizens from a virus but it Is your Job to create an economy.

You stink at that

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Im sorry I missed this event.

Im proud of people standing up for their rights.

In my opinion we should have never shut down our economy.

We dont quarantine healthy people, we quarantine the most at risk.

We better fight back because if we dont next time could be mu…

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After looking deeper into this Western state pact.

I discovered that these states are seeking 1 Trillion in Federal Funds.

These states, like Colorado, Nevada, California and Washington are some of the most corrupt Dem run states this side of the Mississippi.

That's very…

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ascension seeker commented on COVID-19: Nothing to worry about

I totally agree David.

The numbers have been seriously fudged and that is being exposed now.

Fauci said 1M-2M Americans would die.

Not even close for such an "Expert".

The models have been so wrong also and Hospitals are empty and going broke.

The media has l…

ascension seeker

People have constitutional rights.

The right to gather and the right to move around as we please.

No Emergency declaration trumps those rights.

Not even tattling adults, Governors, Mayors and even Police.

Overreaching government is a problem even in Delta county.

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