Voter fraud must be punished

By Bruce Many Eckert

Dear Editor:

It is disheartening to realize that there will probably be massive voter fraud in our 2020 elections. Illegal immigrants in Colorado can now get driver's licenses by showing a Social Security number (whose? Many have been stolen!), proving 24 months residency, and swearing that they will apply for lawful presence when eligible.

Then in 2019, Colorado passed Automatic Voter Registration. This forced voter registration (will the next step be a requirement to vote, as in many communist countries?) will register to vote anyone who applies for a driver's license or renewal (even online), or identification card, or Medicaid. That person must provide unspecified "documentation of citizenship." Will a driver's license (see above paragraph) be sufficient? And if not, how many will slip through the cracks anyway, accidentally or intentionally?

The registrant's county clerk will (hopefully) review records, (hopefully) confirm citizenship, and send the elector a notice. If he does not decline the registration or the post office does not return it within 20 days, he is registered. I foresee activists with voter rolls descending on neighborhoods and "helping" people, who may not even be interested in voting or understand the language or the ballots, to vote.

According to Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project, almost 60 percent of Colorado counties already have more registered voters than adult citizens. Only Michigan has more counties with dead, missing, or fraudulently registered voters.

Voter fraud is a crime and a national disgrace. It should be vigorously investigated and participants should be harshly punished.

Bruce Many