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Waking up in another dimension

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Dear Editor:

Imagine living in a very remote location at a very high elevation that doesn't afford TV or radio access, you haven't read the newspapers and have avoided outer human contact for some time. This was my experience some years ago and it became very obvious to me, one of the first times I went in to the nearest town to get supplies, that something very strange was happening. It almost seemed like I had walked into another dimension.

I couldn't help but notice that everyone was saying the same lines and phrases to each other as I made my way from store to store. First the hardware store, then the lumber company, the clothing store and finally the grocery store, everyone was saying the same thing. I didn't catch on until I got to the liquor store. There in the corner was a television set with a news program running and the commentator was mouthing the phrases I had been hearing all morning. "So this is how it works," I said to myself. I went back to my reclusive style of living and gave it a lot of thought.

Recently I had a similar, eerie resemblance to this, right here in Paonia. I purposely try to keep a certain anonymity in public so I can associate with people from both sides of the aisle. I say both because it is apparent to me that we are all divided into two distinct factions, usually stemming from political parties. What I have noticed, though, was that the people I do communicate with, from both sides of the aisle, seem to have these key phrases that they always use. As in the past, I don't read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio so the only way I get the so-called "news of the day" is to tune in to Facebook. Sure enough it becomes obvious that these phrases that I keep hearing from my contacts are plastered all over the commentaries and memes they call news. I try to check out both sides' reactions as much as possible through the "Paonia Message Board," and both sides are represented pretty evenly. It also becomes obvious to me that there are ones who speak from their soul or from experience and others who just repeat what they have heard and both are equally convinced that they know what they are talking about. Not to condemn either side, though, for in this society we have all been taught since early age that you are rewarded for memorizing and repeating. It's just that some would rather write their own story and imagine a better world ahead "beyond that which is known to man," and others just want to repeat the past, maybe because it is familiar... in this dimension called life.

Jack Young

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