Dee Friesen will present "Biography of a Star" at the 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13 meeting of the Black Canyon Astronomical Society (BCAS). The meeting will be held at the Lion's Clubhouse, 602 North Nevada Avenue, Montrose. How was the sun formed, how long will it live, and what will happen to the sun at the end of its life? The story of stars more massive than the sun will also be discussed. It is said that we are made of stardust, but where does the dust originate? All of these topics will be discussed. Dee Friesen is an astronomy volunteer at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and a past-president of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society.

The BCAS stimulates public interest in and knowledge of astronomy in Delta, Montrose and Ouray counties. Monthly meetings are held in Montrose or Delta. The BCAS also holds public sky viewing events. More info at, or call 970-856-7716.

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