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Work is more rewarding than a handout

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Dear Editor:

I left home with a suitcase and a sleeping bag one day after graduation. No one helped me nor did I expect help -- even from my parents (who did NOT help me). I worked through high school, became a single mother, went back to college for my degree, and worked my butt off for what I have, usually two jobs. I had goals and respect for achievement. Now, I see people on Medicaid and food stamps everywhere. I know people who are turning down work either because they don't like the job available, they want to stay on benefits, or "I'm worth more money." I see people looking for handouts and they are expecting another child. Oh, and they smoke and drink alcohol. They have a new computer with internet fees, satellite TV, with fees, they go to Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, etc., on "vacation" and you see them eating out. (that used to be a treat!). What is wrong with this picture?

What ever happened to "cutting back" to make it through hard times. I don't want to pay for other people; I worked 50 years and paid taxes. We are teaching our kids NOT to go out to work. They miss the fun with their co-workers and can actually LEARN something, like having and reaching goals. These people are teaching youth the idea that work is bad. No, it can be extremely rewarding. Teach your kids respect. Don't teach them to live on handouts. It becomes a cycle.

When my kid got strep, I paid for the doctor and medicines. I did not have help putting braces on my kids' teeth. I sacrificed things. Why are people having more kids when they cannot feed the ones they have or themselves?

ObamaCare is draining this country. I can see getting help if you have a surgery or other medical issue that is more expensive than a year's salary or expected to last a long time; otherwise people can make payments just as all of the past Americans did. The older folks are the ones suffering on their fixed incomes, and our country certainly wasn't built on lazy people getting handouts. It was built on work and taxes and pride. I come from a military family and they gave it all. Get up people and find some kind of work to help yourselves!

As for the problems in Crawford's town hall, laws are laws. The town council ought to be more concerned with the drunks driving their four-wheelers on county, city and state highways up the hill to the liquor store. Oh yeah, some of these people on benefits have new four-wheelers and drink and smoke and go on vacation. I am tired for paying for lazy people who won't take care of themselves and families. We have it good here in the U.S. Take pride in our country and yourselves. Teach your kids to excel, not sit and wait for things to come their way for free. Freedom IS NOT FREE!

Karen Modispacher

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